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Why Join UASA's Independent Professionals?

Working as a freelancer, consultant or independent contractor comes with many advantages and flexibilities, the fact that independent professionals do not fall into the traditional role of full-time employees working for a single employer under a contract of employment of indefinite length means that they are exposed to possible exploitation or unfair practices. 

UASA’s Independent Professional Sector is uniquely positioned to assist Independent Professionals, Freelancers, Contractors and other multi-employer individuals with their contracts of employment


Legal Smart

Legal advice, representation and assistance inclusive of remuneration matters. This includes legal representation in case of work contracts, civil litigation matters and assistance with employment contracts.

UASA Call Center

086 100 8272 available 24/7/365 hosted by Europ Assistance. Services include Legal Advice; Medical Emergency, Crisis line, Roadside assistance and Teacher online.

Funeral Benefit

Every active member automatically qualifies for the benefits under the scheme. You (as the member), are limited to one spouse and four children under the age of 21 who are solely dependent on the member

Maternity Benefit

Expecting mothers going on maternity leave must have been a member for 12 consecutive months at the birth of the baby to qualify for the UASA Maternity Leave benefit

Marlicht Holiday Flats

Marlicht Holiday Flats are wholly owned and managed by UASA. Members qualify for a 20% discount. Our unique VIP card offers even more discounts for regular customers. Marlicht has magnificent sea views with direct access to the beach, a stone’s throw from Margate’s popular main beach

Study Grants Scheme

UASA awards study grants annually through its Study Grant Scheme. It is a once-off grant intended to enable members or their children to further their studies. Preference is given to B Com, B SC and Medical disciplines or those studying at a technical college in the field of engineering, manufacturing or mining

UASA Financial Services

UASA established UASA Financial Services (Pty) Ltd. (UFS) to support members through their different life stages towards FINANCIAL WELLNESS. UFS aims to help you to BUILD, SECURE, and GROW your FINANCIAL WELLNESS so that you can eventually ENJOY it.

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